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HCC Campus Security Authority Training

HCC Campus Security Authority Training

HCC Campus Security Authority Training

What is a CSA? A Campus Safety Authority is an employee of the College who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities (for example: club or organization advisors, coaches, student activities staff and student discipline staff.) As the Director of Public Safety, it is my responsibility to act as the Clery Crimes Coordinator for the College. The Clery Act requires us to formally identify all our CSAs and to provide training on how to comply with the federal mandates.

Each year, the Department of Education requires colleges and universities across the country to disclose annual information about certain reportable crimes. This requirement arises from the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (“Clery Act”) that was enacted in 1990. Each year, HCC Campus Police and the Title IX Coordinator meet to discuss incidents that occurred on the main campus at HCC and its satellite locations. A report is then submitted to the Department of Education detailing annual crime statistics and campus security policies.

The Department of Education recognized that some members of the college campus communities may not feel comfortable reporting crimes or incidents to law enforcement or public safety. This caused many crimes or incidents on college and university campuses to go unreported. In order to correct this, DOE created the Campus Security Authority or CSA to fill in this gap. CSAs are trusted members on college campuses that have a responsibility to report mandated crimes. CSA positions are defined by job function and not by title. In that past, certain jobs on campus were classified as a CSA based on the title of that position. A Campus Security Authority is now defined by functions performed in that particular job. If a faculty or staff member has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, then that person is most likely identified as a CSA.


HCC has created a list of all faculty and staff members who have been identified as a CSA for year 2021. The College will continue to update this list on an annual basis and provide training to all of its CSAs. In addition to this, the Clery Coordinator for HCC is required reach out to all of the CSAs on an annual or semi-annual basis to collect any undisclosed reports. The Department of Education requires colleges to send a formal request to all the CSAs asking for any reported incidents. CSAs should always report any incidents to HCC Campus Police or the Clery Coordinator immediately following the disclosure made to them.

What do you need to do? This year’s training will require you to watch a 15-minute video from the Clery Center and watch an HCC video presentation. The Clery Center video explains the background of the Clery Act and provides a good description of a CSA. The second part of this training is a short PowerPoint presentation that I created on Camstasia. This video will provide a better definition of the roles and responsibilities of a CSA at Hagerstown Community College. The main goal of this video is to really define the crimes and explain the Clery Geography. After completing the training, you should understand what a CSA is, what they are required to report, and how to report those incidents.

The HCC video talks about how to report incidents to HCC Campus Police. The BIT/Care Team is currently working on creating a fillable, CSA reporting form. Our goal is to place this form on the HCC website so CSAs can access it using their smart phone. This will give the CSA the ability to access the form from anywhere and complete the report. In the meantime, if you were to receive a report from a student or staff member you can call an HCC Campus Police Officer or Security Officer to report the incident. If this is something that occurred in the past or happened outside the hours of Campus Police, you can send me an email or send an email to HCC Campus Police. The HCC Campus Police email link is listed below. As always, if this is a crime in progress or life-threatening, call 911 immediately.