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HCC Middle College

HCC Middle College

HCC Middle College applications for the Fall 2023 class

Priority deadline date is March 1, 2023*

*Students may be accepted early (prior to March 1, 2023) to the Middle College program for the fall 2023 semester if they have met all the Middle College criteria and completed the full application packet. Regular deadline date is May 2, 2023.

HCC Middle College Program Information Sessions

Fall 2022 Information Sessions

  • Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 4 p.m.
  • Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 4 p.m.
  • Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 4 p.m.
  • Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 4 p.m.

Sessions will be held in the Learning Resource Center (LRC), room 254, behind the library. Please park in lot B, which is marked on the Campus Map.  

All students and parents who are interested in obtaining more information about the Middle College program for the 2023-2024 school year are encouraged to attend. Seating is limited, so please call 240-500-2483 to reserve a seat up to week prior to the session date.


What is the HCC Middle College?

HCC and Washington County Public Schools have established the HCC Middle College which allows college-ready high school students the opportunity to earn college credits and credentials while completing their high school diplomas.

Through the Middle College, each student will be given an opportunity to earn at least 30 college credits, and many will be able to complete requirements for certificates and associate degrees by the time they graduate from high school. Students in ninth and tenth grade are enrolled in the Middle College, as recruits, and must take significant math and science coursework at their “home” high schools to prepare them for their junior and senior years as students in the middle college on the HCC campus.

Who should apply to the HCC Middle College?

During the middle school years, students should begin to think about whether the Middle College is a good fit for them. It is designed for students who are high-academic achievers, capable of rigorous coursework, and interested in careers. For these students, the benefits include:

  • Enhanced learning
  • Starting and finishing college early
  • Saving money on a college degree
  • Participating in WCPS and HCC activities

What’s the process for becoming an HCC Middle College student?

During middle school, interested students should contact their school counselors to review their educational goals and plan the appropriate coursework to prepare for entry into the Middle College. In the fall of ninth grade, appropriate students are identified as Middle College recruits and must plan and complete rigorous coursework at their home schools in preparation for their junior and senior years at HCC. These are typically upper-level math and science courses.

Students apply for the Middle College in their 10th grade year of high school (please see the admission criteria and steps and admission form) at the top of the webpage for more details. The Middle College program serves as the students high school day. Attendance is taken daily and submitted back to WCPS. If you are planning to apply for acceptance into the Middle College program, please plan to attend a Middle College Program Information Session to learn more details about admissions, schedules, communication with WCPS, courses during the ninth and tenth grade years to prepare you for the Middle College program, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

What programs of study are offered?

Middle College students will select an educational pathway that will put them on the right course for a career, and further higher education if desired, in one of the following areas:

Note: *Selective program. Requires separate application for acceptance. Please note that you will be admitted into an AA.GST (Associate of Arts in General Studies) program until you are admitted into the clinical portion of the program you selected. Students must be 18 to participate in the clinical portion of the programs. For more information on these programs, please refer to the HCC Catalog at:

Who pays for the Middle College enrollment?

Much funding for Middle College students will be provided through a combination of HCC and WCPS payments/discounts mandated by Maryland’s College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013. HCC will provide additional scholarship opportunities for low-income students in particular. Through a combination of discounts and scholarships, students and their families will pay considerably less for Middle College enrollment than they would for college enrollment after high school graduation.

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